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Who are the most renowned Bandoneón players?

Oh! I thought you'd never ask! This website is dedicated, as a homage, to all musicians who play The Bandoneón. It is one of the most difficult instruments to play, and even more so, to master. So, hats off to all those who play The Bandoneón!

At first there was no written music for the Bandoneón, nor for the Tango for that matter. Around 1900, Argentine musicians began to incorporate it into their groups. Juan Maglio Pacho, Vicente Greco, Agusto Peberto and Eduardo Areolas were amongst the earliest known Bandoneon players from this time period.

No history of The Bandoneón, would be complete without mentioning Anibal Troilo, the most popular Bandoneón player from the 1930s to the 1960s in Argentina and later worldwide. He began playing in 1925 with much success and formed his first orchestra ensemble in 1929 with violinist Alfredo Gobbi and 4 other musicians. He is considered a Master Bandoneón Player, composer and arranger.

Another excellent Argentine Bandoneón player was Astor Piazzola (born 1921 & died 1992) who found worldwide fame due to his newer style of Tango, incorporating elements from jazz and classical music.

And I must also mention another fantastic Bandoneón player who in 2014 still plays with his own ensemble, Roberto Alvarez of Color Tango. He began playing when he was very young and joined the orchestra of the famous Osvaldo Pugliese with whom he played and toured for eleven years.

"Torrente" by Hugo Gutierrez and played by Anibal Troilo.