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Search Engine Optimization made simple. Let's face it. Your business does not exist if it doesn't have a good internet presence. Notice we said good. Because nowadays a fantastic website just isn't good enough. You need to make sure your site is reaching your audience. Search Engine Optimization is simple and essential. Google wants your site to be found, and you do too. Let an expert help. Hiring an expert saves you time and money.

A quick and free evaluation of your website will allow me to submit an SEO proposal for you. It usually is not expensive and it usually does not require monthly maintenance. It's not only about right keywords and a good meta description. A lot more goes into SEO, including a savvy marketing perspective.

I have taken several Google courses on SEO and continuously stay up to date via their developer site. I also have over 27 years experience in marketing & communications.

We can track your results with a free Google Analytics account. And I'm an expert at creating Google My Business pages.